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Master Tour Mobile Roles Out New Crowdsourced Features For Touring Pros

EVENTRIC's MASTER TOUR MOBILE app, designed to provide resources for every possible need for the touring musician, has just added a crowd-sourced resource feature as one of three new updates.
Band and crew members currently log in to the mobile app, MASTER TOUR MOBILE, to view information on venues, travel, and lodging that has been entered by a tour manager or production manager.
The impact of the new features will change the app from a passive viewing experience for crew and band members to one where they can actively engage with colleagues throughout the industry. The CHICAGO-based EVENTRIC just opened an office in LOS ANGELES and will soon have another in NASHVILLE at the new FORT KNOX STUDIOS.
The first step is creating a profile, where you can enter a photo, your expertise, credentials, frequent flier numbers and a lot more, according to CEO and founder PAUL BRADLEY. “Then you’ll see some easy-to-follow prompts that let you know about where to find everything in the cities on your tour, from backline rental to bass strings. You’ll see recommendations entered by some other artist’s tour crew. When you live on the road, you have very specific things you need to do. You don’t have a lot of time and GOOGLE and YELP results can be too broad.”
MASTER TOUR users can “tag” spots to mark their unique finds, vet other users’ contributions, and see what’s nearby in real time when they arrive in each city. Added BRADLEY: “Make it as simple as possible. We want users to be able to go everywhere in a couple clicks.”
EVENTRIC has also partnered with the EVENT SAFETY ALLIANCE and KEEP THE BEAT ALIVE to create a local emergency services feature, and general event and health safety protocols.
These new features, all tied to the profile management system, mark the beginning of a significant expansion of the platform. Next steps include an insider job board and advanced admin features for venues, including a standardized template for their “tech pack,” critical information that artists and their production teams need to understand staging, lighting, and sound.
EVENTRIC will be unveiling these new features at the annual TOUR LINK CONFERENCE in PALM SPRINGS, CA, later this month.