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Mastering your live performance and touring logistics with Paul Bradley of Eventric

As they move their music careers forward, one of the greatest challenges that indie artists have is handling live show logistics. Self-managing a live performance or even an entire tour can be a daunting task, and handling those logistical issues effectively (payments, scheduling, advance work, etc.) can often make the difference between a show's financial success or failure. On this week's episode, Ryan sits down with Eventric CEO Paul Bradley to discuss these issues. Paul has dedicated his career to helping artists master their live performance logistics. In this interview, Paul shares some excellent insight on the touring logistics issues that artists most often face, and how to handle those issues effectively.

Earlier this year, Eventric released Master Tour 3.0, the latest incarnation of its popular tour management product that can help indie artists keep their touring logistics and revenue management organized. You can find out more by visiting