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Eventric software is designed specifically for professionals who make their living on the road. Our applications and online services are constantly refined based on real-world experience and user feedback. Our users are out on the road right now, making live events happen. Join the top professionals in the music and ...

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Sarah Matthews

New Healthcare Option for Musicians on Tour:Eventric’s Master Tour Announces Partnership with WellVia Telehealth Service

Master Tour, the software built by tour managers for tour managers, has teamed up with the best in mobile medicine, WellVia, to offer high-quality distance medicine on the road. This new feature is now available to all Master Tour users, after a successful test period in beta with Maroon 5 and Daughtry. At the first signs of that scratchy throat or when that prescription runs out in the middle of a two-week tour, road warriors can speak with a board-certified medical doctor who can help address health concerns easily and efficiently.

It’s part of a bigger picture. Master Tour has long strived to help touring professionals keep all their travel, financial, and technical details in a single place. Adding WellVia to the mix was the next logical step, as Eventric continues to expand the features of its keystone product to include marketplaces with goods and services vital to the touring performer, organization, or athlete.

“Since we have been on tour ourselves, we know that the basics that everyone else takes for granted are not always easy to manage while on the road,” says Eventric co-founder Paul Bradly. “Now that we have 80,000 users, we are adding additional ways to help tour managers and their traveling teams. Phone medical help is an obvious first expansion feature for Master Tour.”WellVia’s Telehealth platform creates a remote doctor consultation with a U.S. based board-certified physician, that can address many of the circumstances that would historically require you to make a conventional, in-person appointment at an urgent care facility or require the expensive services of a “Rock Doc” to visit your venue while on the road.

Fred Kharrazi, Tour Manager of Maroon 5, thinks this service is just what the touring industry needs. “For our 2015 North America run, we utilized Wellvia through Eventric and our team loved the service and quality of care. This saves time and money but most importantly allows my crew to be proactive about their health when touring.”

“The average wait time to see your primary care physician is up to 27 days,” remarked WellVia Co-Founder and President Todd Thoman, “yet 70% of those appointments and 40% of emergency room visits can be handled telephonically with WellVia. Our service is affordable, efficient and bi-lingual!”

WellVia and Eventric have partnered to provide this service to touring professionals at a drastically discounted monthly fee, starting at just $5/person a month. This HIPAA-certified program provides the member with 24/7, 365 telephonic consultations with a U.S.-based physician and a written prescription to a local pharmacy, if the attending physician feels it medically appropriate.  Master Tour users can continue to use the service even when they’re off the road, and it covers up to 6 of their dependents.  

About Eventric / Master Tour

Eventric’s Master Tour is the premier software solution for tour management and logistics. The software is battle-tested by professionals who make their living on the road. With Master Tour, a user can organize their itinerary, travel, production, accounting and more in one application. A user can work on or offline and share critical information with their crew in real-time. Master Tour will help keep your entire organization in sync. Master Tour is available as a monthly subscription with two levels to choose from: Professional or free Premium. Eventric is a Chicago-based provider of software and online services for the professional live entertainment industry. Eventric’s solutions promote connectivity, community, and competency, making the production of live events more profitable and effective.