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Eventric software is designed specifically for professionals who make their living on the road. Our applications and online services are constantly refined based on real-world experience and user feedback. Our users are out on the road right now, making live events happen. Join the top professionals in the music and ...

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Sarah Matthews

Eventric’s Master Tour Makes Touring Logistics and Revenue Management Even Easier with Release of MT3.0

Live events and touring are a key source of revenue for artists, performers, athletes, personalities, and groups of all kinds. Yet the margins on tours are thin and the logistics wickedly complex. Technology and devices like smartphones have seeped into the business, but mass-market software products often don’t serve busy tour teams well.

SaaS company Eventric, the masterminds behind Master Tour, is a crew of former (and sometimes current) road warriors, seasoned tour managers and live event pros who know what touring demands. For over 15+ years, their products have supported the work of more than 125,000 live-event professionals, sweeping away a tangle of spreadsheets, group texts, and other unwieldy and fragmented tracking and messaging systems.

Based on multiple years of feedback from users, the latest version of Master Tour, MT3.0, is more streamlined and powerful in just the right areas. “We’ve worked really hard to pare down the number of clicks or taps needed to get from place to place,” says Matt “Sators” Satorius, lead developer for Eventric, sound engineer, and former tour manager. “The goal is to make Master Tour ridiculously simple to use, while keeping all the functionality to deal with anything and everything a tour will throw at managers.”

Master Tour 3.0 improves on the already wildly popular tour management product. It offers several vital new features:

-More visibility options: Talent doesn’t need to know when the crew has load in, nor do the lighting folks need to worry about the talent’s publicity schedule. Master Tour now allows admins to determine who sees what, reducing repeat entries and keeping everyone more focused on where they need to be when.

-Autosyncing: No more wasting time, pushing updates one by one. MT3 takes care of updating users automatically, while still functional in a completely “offline” environment.

-Guestlist features: MT3 admins can set a total number of available guest list spots for users, eliminating the confusion around this contentious area. They can see instantly whether they have overallocated beyond what they get from the venue, with automatic email notifications alerting guest of the ticket status. 

-Customizable, printable reports: Make your daysheets, tourbook, call sheet, setlist, and financials look just the way you want them, with fully customizable templates to keep everyone on the same (custom) page.

-At-a-glance accounting: MT3 shows managers 10-15 key fields related to accounting, giving a helpful snapshot of financials without getting too lost in the details. All the data is still there, but a new interface lets you see the big picture and compare your P&L across any date range, or tour.

-Multilingual: MT3 will soon be available in several additional languages including Spanish, French, and German.

“As a tour manager, you learn to plan methodically for every foreseeable challenge and to respond rapidly to the unexpected,” says Paul Bradley, Eventric CEO and former tour manager. “We respond to our users’ needs because they are out there, managing expectations and making sure everything goes smoothly for artists and crew. They don’t have time to mess around with their tech.”

"Eventric set the industry standard with Master Tour. And now with Master Tour 3.0 the platform continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of the touring professional at every level,” enthuses Jimmy Chamberlin, drummer, The Smashing Pumpkins. “This is technology that saves time and money and can instantly professionalize any organization. Whether you are in a van or a private jet - you need this!”

About Eventric

Eventric is a Chicago-based provider of software and online services for the professional live entertainment industry. Eventric’s solutions promote connectivity, community, and competency, making the production of live events more profitable and effective.

Our customers include music artists, artist management, tour and event production companies, entertainment venues and festivals.  Our software and services are used behind-the-scenes to power many of the largest tours in the world.

The Eventric team is dedicated to making the very best tools and solutions for the people and businesses who earn their living performing and presenting live events. Our unique combination of experience in both the software and entertainment industries gives us the ability to create new and innovative solutions.